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Sharp Fraction Calculators

Teaching students to understand fractions just got easier. The Sharp EL-500L fraction/scientific calculator helps student quickly understand the relationship between fractions, mixed fractions, and decimals. In addition to fractions, this calculator provides 124 scientific functions which can help students through middle school and into early high school years.


Price: $10.99

Fraction Calculator Advanced D.A.L. Series

•D.A.L - Direct algebraic logic to simplify entry of equations
•Extra-Large 10-Digit LCD numeric dot matrix readout
•Fraction functions:
•Mixed fractions
•Reduce to common denominator
•Greatest common factor and least common multiple
•Playback - after getting an answer the user may then "playback" the equation and substitute new numeric values or fix mistakes
•Simple scientific functions and single variable statistical functions
•124 functions, 2 memories
•Battery powered
•Attached flip-over protective hard case to ensure long life


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